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Web Writing Wizardry Samples and Case Studies

Here are just a few samples from my many years of copywriting experience. I give a brief background to the project and a link to the sample, all focusing on direct response. (In some cases you’ll need to hover your mouse over the sample and click to expand the image). In addition to these there are also many additional samples from the web writing wizards team.

Marketing for Jim Cramer and theStreet.com
I created many campaigns as chief creative marketing consultant for The Street.com, headed by Jim Cramer. You may have seen Cramer's TV show Mad Money on CNBC). I also created campaigns for individual advisors on the site, each with his/her own consulting business.

Let me take you inside some of the successful campaigns I created. These case studies will show the step-by-step process of creation, the rationale and the creative work that was used. See screen shots of an online tutorial, flash ads, emails, landing pages and more.

Yes, let me see the case studies

Beating the control by 444%
Created an email sales letter for Growth Report. The strategy entailed using a bonus report on China stocks as the hook to sign up for a trial subscription of the investment newsletter. Sing up included filling in credit card information. Accroding to the Marketing Director my sales letter beat the control by 444%. Take a look - click investment sales letter

Second chance at Haynesville $millions
The natural gas stike in Haynesville, LA created a slew of new millionaires. This sales letter described a new Haynesville opportunity thousands of miles away in one of the most unlikely places. The opportunity intrigued many readers and made this a huge success. Click here


Video Sales Letter Successfully Launches Health And Weight Loss Product
Helped create sales letter videos to launch Walk Fit Challenge- which included a weight loss and fitness membership. Focused the sales message on a specific kind of fat and the dangers of ignoring it. This focus strengthened the message to the target audience and was a key factor in its success. Click here

Successful launch of a membership program
Helped a boutique hedge fund manager successfully launch an investment membership program. Started with extensive interviews so I could discern a unique selling point and a theme and hook for the main video sales letter. My client said to me, “I looked at the analytics and was amazed to see that just about everyone stayed through the entire video sales letter.” (It was a long one). I told him that was why it did so well. Click here to see.
Upsell video sales letter beats expectations
The upsell salesletter told a different and compelling story of a huge opportunity in the global food market. The story unfolds starting from a huge climate phenomenon many were not aware of at the time. The build-up of the story in the video was key to beating expectations for the upsell by a wide margin. Click here to see.
Making a real estate killing with a sales letter
Here I created both the product and the campaign. Got an ebook created for me on condo resorts and fractional shares. Then wrote a short sales letter. Sold over 1000 copies for a total of about $25,000. The letter also led to some joint ventures with real estate investors and agents and brought in approximately an additional $20,000. Click here to see.
10x the announced dividend
As you can imagine finding about an unpublicized dividend 10x the announced excited a lot of readers about this sales letter. That's why so many signed up for the newsletter after reading this salesletter wanting to know more about this dividend stock. Click here

A Startling Hook Grabs Attention and Leads to a Successful Sales Letter

#1 for a web page is coming up with an idea that immediately grabs the target audience you want and practically compels them to read. That's what made this email salesletter I wrote successful. It incorporated the idea and graphics of the old Twilight Zone TV show and used it as a hook to talk about the topsy turvey financial world baby boomers now face. Click here to see.


Breaking the speed record for marketing a new cable network

When Speedvision was looking to break into cable network markets it called on me to get people to subscribe to its new channel focusing on 4 speed sports.

The unique package I wrote called, "The World is Made of Four Elements," beat previous attempts and helped the channel get a foothold in very competitive markets. Click here to see.


Asset allocation workbook breaks direct response record for Citibank Investment Services

When Lowe Direct got the assignment from Citibank's Investment Services they looked for a freelance direct response writer who could not only pull off the project but also also talk the talk with financial executives.

They chose me to write the 16 page workbook on asset allocation and a direct mail campaign to drive prospects to the bank to fill out the workbook with a financial rep.

I wrote the workbook and the direct mail package in the friendly, story style of Money Magazine, and it was a big hit. Click here to see.


New hero in town defeats the control

During the time I lived and worked in San Francisco, I did a lot of copywriting for clients in Silicon Valley. Among the clients were a number of technology publications.

For LAN Technology magazine I created a package appealing to the self-perception of LAN managers. It beat the control by over 5%. I should know. I had written the previous control. Click here to see.


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