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About Web Writing Wizardry

Web Writing Wizardry is a copywriting service offering high quality sales copy at affordable prices for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, service professionals and small businesses.

Iím Leon Altman and Iím the creative director, selecting and managing a special team of proven web writing wizards who write sales copy that works.

A brief history
I started as a copywriter approximately 30 years ago at Wunderman, the top direct response agency in the world, writing for clients such as Met Life and Times Mirror magazines.

Since then I've worked with major agencies and companies as a copywriter, associate creative director, and creative director. Agencies have included Young&Rubicam; BBDO; DDB/Needham; and Saatchi.

I wrote winning campaigns for many marquee accounts, such as Time Magazine, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, Coldwell Banker, Amgen, and GlaxoSmithKline, and have won many top awards for advertising, including Clios, ANDYs, and Beldings.

After years at ad agencies, I worked as creative director of a number of dotcom companies, including theStreet.com.

Serving a wide range clients as a freelance copywriter
Then I became a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. I worked on a number of high profile projects, including being one of the lead copywriters for the launch of iShares, and creating campaigns for Citibank and IBM, among others.

In addition, I wrote highly successful direct response campaigns for computer publications, the launch of Speedvision Ė a TV cable TV network, Life Line Screening, a leading medical screening company, and many investment newsletters.

Working with coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and service pros
A number of years ago I started working with coaches, consultants and other entrepreneurs. Why? Because I like them. And as an entrepreneur myself I feel a big kinship.

I formed a coaching service helping people do what I do Ė grow a business that gives them freedom and independence. Thatís how I became known as the Freedom Business Mentor.

But I noticed a persistent challenge and a huge need for quality copywriting at an affordable price. Not surprising since copy that converts is at the very heart of building any business. The challenge for entrepreneurs is that hiring a top copywriter is expensive and writing it yourself is, well, hard.

To meet that need I created the Web Writing Wizards service, gathering together a group of highly talented writers who havenít yet built a reputation that commands high fees.

I act as creative director so you get both a highly talented writing wizard and an experienced creative director working on your project.

I invite you check out the service and put web writing wizardry to work for your business.

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