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The Right Sales Letter Can Bring You All The Business You Want. Here's How To Get That Sales Letter Handed To You On A Silver Platter . . .

Meet the Web Writing Wizards

The Web Writing Wizards is a team of proven writers I've gathered. They create sales copy that captivates, engages, convinces and converts.

They just don't have the big-time reputations to charge the big prices they are worth (yet). Which means you get get great sales copy at a great price.

Plus Your Own Private Creative Director

In addition, I act as your personal creative director and check things like:

Is there a big idea that just grabs propects?

Is there a clear and compelling promise?

Does it all flow smoothly so the reader just slides down a chute of compelling logic and stories that prove your product is the right solution for them?

Does it lead to an irresistible ffer?

Can anything be made smoother? Clearer? More exciting?

If it needs revisions or tweaks I have my Web Writing Wizards team revise it.

Who am I and why am I qualified to offer this unique service?

Hi, I'm Leon Altman and I'm one of the few copywriters who has worked in both top branding agencies and direct response agencies. I've been a copywriter and creative director at premier agencies such as Young Rubicam, BBDO, DDB/Needham and Wunderman Direct Response.

I've won a fistful of Clio awards, the highest creative award in advertising, as well as other top awards, such as ANDYs and Beldings. Created advertising for accounts such as Time magazine, Johnson &Johnson, Merrill Lynch, and Pfizer among others.

As creative director of, I wrote and guided winning sales copy for stock guru Jim Cramer and the website's many newsletters. All of the campaigns were measured up and down every which way.

A campaign I created for IBM is a featured case study in the textbook Integrated Direct Marketing. The IBM executive in charge said, It beat our previous campaign by 441%.

I'm featured in AWAI's (the top copywriting training institute) publication, Monthly Copywriting Genius - which spotlights the top direct response copywriters in the world.

Here's what some of my clients say:


Whitney Vosburgh

"Simply put, Leon is one of the best copywriters and marketing strategists I know.

I've worked with him for over 15 years and it has always been both profitable and pleasurable"

Whitney Vosburgh
Co-founder of A Brand New Purpose, a branding consulting firm. Previously: Chief Marketing Officer for Health Mart division of McKesson; Creative Director of Ogilvy&Mather Direct Marketing-NY. His clients have included Autodesk software,, Kaiser Permanente, Checkpoint software, and Siemens Medical, among many others.

Bruce Silverman

". . . understands how to write copy that motivates consumers to buy.

Leon is a first rate, extremely professional, copywriter who understands how to write copy that motivates consumers to buy. He also demonstrated a great understanding of strategy, which is not always the case, even with senior creative people. Many of the concepts he brought to me for his various accounts were grounded in strategies that he created, making them that much stronger. I recommend him strongly. He's also a nice guy... which never hurts."

Bruce Silverman
Creative Director at Ogilvy &Mather Advertising, Creative Director at BBDO/West Advertising; President of Wong Doody Advertising, voted Small Agency of the Year 2013 by AD Age magazine.

"...(he) beat our long-standing control piece by 3X right out the gate."

"Leon wrote an online sales letter that beat our long-standing control piece by 3X right out the gate. His understanding of our target audience, insights on what makes great copy, and ability to turn around the project on-time have me coming back for more. Do yourself a favor, hire him today (unless of course, you're one of my competitors)."

Lee Campbell
Sr. VP, Investors Alley, previously:Marketing Director at Casey Research, Marketing Director at Wyatt Investment Research

" . . .increase in leads of more than 442% We received more qualified inquiries for this initial phase than we had projected for the entire pilot with an increase in leads of more than 442%."

Curt Gillespie
Former Exec.Director, IBM Consulting

Dr. Jessie Voigts

"Leon is the best copywriter I've ever met"

"I have been lucky enough to work with him on several projects over the years. He's a genius at ascertaining client needs, including those I didn't even know we had. He makes a difference in our business, which has paid off in a variety of ways. Highly recommended."

Dr. Jessie Voigts
Publisher, Wandering Educators, Founder of Family Travel Bloggers Association

Ed Forteau

"My conversion rate after your changes 81.8% Wow! Wow! WOW! THANK YOU!!!"

"My conversion rate was around 30% for webinar registrations. Then I turned to you and you changed the copy. My conversion rate after your changes 81.8% Wow! Wow! WOW! THANK YOU!!!"

"I've continued to use Leon's services for sales pages and anything that needs higher conversions. He always makes copy so much better. I consider him the best copywriter and strategist around."

Ed Forteau
Founder of the Walk Fit Challenge, and The Invisible Fat Loss Calculator

Tony Garzio

He's one of the absolute top copywriters

"I've worked with Leon for many years. He's one of the absolute top copywriters and marketing strategists in the business."

Tony Garzio
Founder of,a design and marketing consultancy. Clients have included: Teleflora, Wells FargoBank, El Torito Restaurants

Gordon Holmes

"If you run a business and want it to really grow, he's the person to go to."

"I've worked with Leon Altman for many years.He helped me build my successful publications from the ground up. His marketing programs, sales letters and ideas were the foundation of their success. If you run a business and want it to really grow, he's the person to go to."

Gordon Holmes
Founder, Buyside Magazine;; Lookout Ridge Winery; and Wine for Wheelchairs Foundation


"His help was invaluable"

"Leon was recommended to me by another business consultant. I started with one of his products which is an excellent guide to using stories in copy. Then I hired him to help me with copy for my product launch. His help was invaluable. I highly recommend his copy service to anyone creating and launching a product."

Robert Cornish
Master Coach, Founder of Infinability and a business leadership

Terra Farrar

"Leon is an expert and my ace-in-the-hole when it comes to creating dynamic marketing copy for my clients evergreen information products.

Recently a client - a newbie to online marketing - had a high conversion rate (equal to what the pros typically get). We attribute this success to Leon. Great results and great to work with - truly, a win-win for everyone involved."

Terra Farrar
Founder of the Dream Launch Academy

Michael Kirner

"He's a great conceptualist, copywriter, story teller . . . "

"I've worked with Leon since the early 1990s.His advice on marketing, internet branding, sales copy, SEO, blogging etc. have simply been outstanding. He's a great conceptualist, copywriter, story teller and most important: He's not afraid to tell you when your ideas are not up to par!

Michael Kirner
Content Marketing Director for Cushman & Wakefield Real Estate

"Sales that have beat our projections.

Leon's copywriting for us has been excellent and resulted in sales that have beat our projections."

Lisa Valk
former circulation director of TIME magazine

Rennie Gabriel

". . . Leon creates great copy that will lead to sales and conversions.

Leon knows the intricacies of Internet marketing and product launches.

You can let him take over or ask him to improve your copy. He takes good writing and makes it great. If your copy gets off point, he's gets it on track.

Since I've written three books, and had a book publishing company, I can tell really good copywriting from weak copy, and Leon creates great copy that will lead to sales and conversions.

Rennie Gabriel
The Financial Coach, author of the Amazon best-seller Wealth on any Income

Heather Cameron

"Leon, thank you so much for your critique on my Opt-in Page.

Within minutes you provided HUGE value. Your insight and suggestions were brilliant."

Heather Cameron
President, Horizon Performance Insights

OK, I've gone on about myself long enough, but I think you need to know that someone with a great deal of experience- who has been a copywriter, copy chief and create director at top levels is guiding the process of writing your sales letter.

Some ask, "Do I write the copy"

Sometimes, but it will cost you 7X to 10x as much. But through the Web Writing Wizards team you get my experience and expertise as creative director working on it for a fraction of the price.

You could be one sales letter away from all the business you want. And we'll write it for you.

Ready to get the sales copy you need?

Or are you going to make the mistake many entrepreneurs make?

They figure they'll save money and try to write it all themselves.

And if they're launching, they'll wait till the last minute - until they realize that their sales copy won't work.

Then they panic and try to find a copywriter to do it at the last minute.

I'm telling you from many years of experience- last minute copy is not the copy you want.

The copy gets mangled - big ideas are missed . . . Thoughts get scrambled together . . . And that last minute chaos gets reflected in confusing copy - and a confused prospect never buys.

That's one of the reasons the Web Writing Wizards won't do last minute copy projects.

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So if you know you have a launch coming up or you just need your copy to work - don't wait. Reserve your spot now!

These packages are a tremendous value

They represent approximately a 90% savings from the cost of hiring a typical high level copywriter.

Are there copy services that are cheaper?

Yes. But with the Web Writing Wizards team you get high level sales copy at a great price. Plus your own creative director to guide the process.

These prices will not last.

So if you know you know you need copy that sells, I suggest you lock in this price now. Just click on the package you want below. . . .

Online Sales Letters/Video Sales Letter scripts

We offer online sales letters . . . in addition we provide a version for a video sales letter (we show you how the script should be divided into slides for a video sales letter. No additional charge).

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  • Up to 800 words
  • Compelling, Convincing Sales Copy
  • Up to Two Rounds of Revisions



  • Up to 2000 words
  • Compelling, Convincing Sales Copy
  • Up to Two Rounds of Revisions



  • Up to 4000 words
  • Compelling, Convincing Sales Copy
  • Up to Two Rounds of Revisions

Sales webinar scripts


Script for approximately 40 minutes) (with chit chat and Q&A added this will make for a webinar of about 1 hour)

Fee $997

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